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  • Announcement: Herbarium and Library will be closed on 19–28 August 2017 for fumigation.


  • Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) has a new system for manuscript submission using Thai Journal Online. There is no deadline for submission and the papers will go online after final proof and formatting.


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Sonneratia alba Sm. - Lythraceae

Tree with pneumatophores; leaves opposite, apex rounded; flowers 1-5, terminal, 4-8-merous, opening at night; tinged red inside calyx lobes; petals white, resembling filaments; fruit a depressed-globose, 3-5 cm in diam., calyx lobes reflexed; seeds numerous. Distributed in E Africa, S & SE Asia, N Australia, Pacifics; common in mangrove, and tidal channel..

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Vol. 13 part 2, 2016



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