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This bibliography is an up to date compilation regrouping more than 2,500 references of monographs, taxonomic revision, new records, new species... etc., of vascular plants found in Thailand. It has been primarily designed as a practical tool to indicate which papers are the most relevant as any help to plant identification. In that sense entries do not contain the full bibliographic reference (we in practicular omitted authors' names) but only the information needed to give the library user quick access to the relevant journal, flora... etc. to assist him/her in identifying his/her plant. This includes the name of the taxon treated, usually a family or genus, the geographical area covered by the treatment, the year of publication and the abbriviated name of the journal, flora or book together with the volume and page numbers. All abbreviations are found at AB page.

For Angiosperms, entries are ordered alphabetically by families, then genera, while for Pteridophytes they are listed directly by genera. This work was first targeted at users of the BKF library, therefore limiting itself to references only available there; it has since been extended to a larger public and has increased its range of publications covered.

It includes references of monographs, taxonomic revisions and identification keys for taxa in Thailand or a neighbouring country; to this, the listing of publications of new species or new records of Thai species has recently started to be added. We also wanted to concentrate on recent works, therefore the vast majority of entries refer to articles from the last thirty years.

Compiled By
  • Alain Mauric
  • Rachun Pooma
  • Nannapat Pattharahirantricin
Software By
  • Pisut Nakemuenwai
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