Botanical Gardens


The Botanical gardens and arboreta section organises 8 botanical gardens, 4 literary botanical gardens and 4 Queen's 60th Birthday gardens. Recentlt, all arboreta have been moved to under a new administrative section.


Objectives: collect living plant native or not to Thailand for botanical research conserve and propagate native plants, particulary the rare, endemic and economically important species act as collection centre of herbarium specimens act as education and recreation centre for tourists and local people, for pleasure and to raise environmental awareness.

Botanical gardens

Phu Khae botanical garden, the first botanical garden in Thailand, founded in 1941. It is located in Saraburi, and has an area of 300 ha (1,875 rai) including 100 ha of natural vegetation of semi evergreen forest.


Khao Chong botanical garden, founded in 1968. It is located in Trang, and has an area of 160 ha (1,000 rai) comprising 50 ha of natural vegetation. In 1983 a flood destroyed a large area, the palm collection being particularly affected. The natural vegetation fed by mountain streams from Khao Chong belongs to the lowland and submontane/montane evergreen forest types. The garden is particularly important for its palm and rattan collections.


Khao Hin Son botanical garden, fouded in 1980 under an initiative of His Majesty King Bumiphon. It is located in Chachoengsao province, and has an area of 68 ha (425 rai). The garden specializes in medicinal plants.


Dong Fa Huan botanical garden, founded in 1988, it is located in Ubon Ratchathani province, and has an area of 544 ha (3,400 rai), with 120 ha of natural vegetation of dry evergreen and scrub forest with emerging Yang na trees (Dipterocarpus alatus).


Mae Sa botanical garden, founded in 1983, it has been moved the Botanical Garden Organisation of Thailand in 1992.


Thung Khai botanical garden, founded in 1993. The garden has been built following the idea of Chuan Leekphai, the Prime Minister. The garden is located in Thung Khai Arboretum in Trang province, an area of 416 ha (2,600 rai) of natural forest is present with the main forest type being evergreen forest, and some small areas of savannah, swamp forest and a bog area.

Panangtung botanical garden, founded in 1994 and situated in a mangrove forest area which consists of 1,200 ha (7,500 rai). A fresh water lake surrounds the garden.


Wang Nam yen botanic garden, formerly RFD Centennial botanical garden, founded in 1996 as a memorial garden celebrating both His Majesty's 50th Anniversary of his Accession on the Throne, and the RFD's celebration of its centenary. It is located in Sakeao, and has an area of 3,000 ha (8,700 rai). The garden, which also includes a natural lowland dry evergreen forestl.


Southern Boundary botanical garden, founded in 2001 under the initiative of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. It is located in Narathiwat.

Recently, 2 botanical gardens were established by improving of arboreta: Ban Phe botanical garden in Rayong and Sakunothayan botanic garden in Phitsanulok.


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