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plantations (monocultures) in Doi Tung, Chiang Rai Province.


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Voradol Chamchumroon: An identification of Important Plant Areas (IPAs) in Thailand.


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Suchitra Changtragoon: DNA barcoding of wild plants in Thailand using matK gene.


Sahut Chantanaorrapint: A preliminary study of Anthocerotophyta (Hornworts)
in Thailand.


Pranom Chantaranothai: Overview of the genus Palaquium Blanco (Sapotaceae) in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.


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Piyarat Itharat: Fruit anatomy of Impatiens balsamina L. (Balsaminaceae): causing explosive dehiscent mechanism.


Arunothai Jampeetong, Woranut Laongsri: Aquatic plant diversity in Nong Luang, Mae Jan, Chiang Rai Province and Nong Leng Sand, Pha Yao Province, Thailand.


Wittaya Kaewsri, Yingyong Paisooksantivatana: Clarifying the misidentification of some Amomum species (Zingiberaceae) in Thailand.


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Jiajia Liu: A framework of traits-based theory in ecology based on the information
of herbarium.


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Piyaporn Saensouk, Piyada Theerakulpisut, Achra Thammathaworn, Surapon Saensouk, Charun Maknoi: Palynology of the genus Curcuma L. (Zingiberaceae) in Northeastern Thailand.


Jiroat Sangrattanaprasert, Pranom Chantaranothai: The present state of the knowledge of the genus Canthium Lam. (Rubiaceae) in Thailand.


Chadaporn Senakun, Sutthira Khumkrahtok, Reamjit Suttisokshueak: Comparative morphology, anatomy and cytogenetic study of three different forms of Dioscorea hispida Dennst. (Dioscoreaceae).


Winai Somprasong, Srunya Vajrodaya, Kongkanda Chayamarit: A preliminary study on the subtribe Andrographinae, tribe Ruellieae, family Acanthaceae in Thailand.


Bordintorn Sonsupab, Winai Somprasong: Diversity of Peristrophe Nees (Acanthaceae) in Thailand.


Chamchuree Sotthikul, Rungnapa Khamakok: In vitro root inducing in some plants for greenhouse transplanting.


Prachaya Srisanga: The Violaceae in Thailand.


Joeri S. Strijk, Chai-Shian Kua, Lang Tiange, Maria Joao Amaral, Charles H. Cannon: Genetic diversity in Lithocarpus (Fagaceae): informativeness and phylogenetic breadth of RAD enzymes using in silico digestion of NGS-data.


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Natcha Sutjaritjai, Angkhana Inta: Taxonomy of trees at Huay Nam Maung Pam Forest Conservation Station Unit, San Pan Dan Wildlife Sanctuary, Pang Mapha District, Mae Hong Son Province.


Phanom Sutthisaksopon, Pranom Chantaranothai, David A. Simpson: The general progress of the genus Lindernia All. (Scrophulariaceae) for the Flora of Thailand.


Kornkanok Tangjitman, Chusie Trisonthi: A survey of medicinal plants used by Karen people at Samoeng-Tai Subdistricts, Samoeng District, Chiang Mai Province.


Jiranan Techaprasan, Jana Leong-Škorni?ková: Kaempferia candida (Zingiberaceae): Curcuma in disguise.


Atchara Teerawatananan, Sarawood Sungkaew, Trevor R. Hodkinson: Population genetic structure of two forest grasses with contrasting life forms, Arundinella setosa Trin. and Garnotia tenella (Arn. ex Miq.) Janowski (Poaceae) in Thailand.


U-sa Thongpairoj: The pollen morphology of some Thai Annonaceae.


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Nguyen Van Du: Some new discoveries of Araceae in Cambodia and Laos.


Paweena Wessapak, Chatchai Ngernsaengsaruay: Tribe Andropogoneae (Poaceae) in Phu Chong Na Yoi National Park, Ubon Ratchathani Province.


Sukhonthip Wongmuang, Pranom Chantaranothai: Seed variety in Thai Vernonieae (Asteraceae).


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