A Visual Key to
Pselaphine and Protopselaphine Genera
Known from ASIA

Compiled by
Shuhei Nomura (Tokyo, JAPAN)
and Watana Sakchoowong (Bangkok, THAILAND)

Updated at 16th Mar. 2009 (2nd vers.)

This page provides key to tribes, subtribes, genera and subgenera of the staphylinid subfamilies Pselaphinae and Protopselaphinae known from Asia. You can identify any asian genera using text keys, pictures and figures.

Briefly, the key-pages are consisting of the following 8 parts. First, you should examine your sumple whether it is really pselaphines, protopselaphines or another group at the Key 0 shown below. If it is identified to be pselaphine or protopselaphine taxa, you would go ahead.

KEY 0: Protopselaphine, Pselaphine or Another Group?
KEY 1: Subfamily Pselaphinae: Key to Tribes and Subtribes
KEY 2: Supertribe Bythinoplectitae
KEY 3: Supertribe Euplectitae
KEY 4: Supertribe Batrisitae
KEY 5: Supertribe Goniaceritae
KEY 6: Supertribe Pselaphitae
KEY 7: Supertribe Clavigeritae

The asian area treated here includes the following regions and countries: Japan, Korea, China, Far East Russia, Mongolia, Thibet, Taiwan, Philippine, Indonesia (excluding Irian Jaya), Malaysia, Burnei, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myammar. The so-called South Asia (Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Sri-Lanka), Middle East, Central Asia and New Guinea are excluded. But some important taxa known from the other area, namely Europe, Australian and Neotropical Regions are included.



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