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Remusatia pumila (D.Don) H.Li & A.Hay, Acta Bot. Yunnan., Suppl. 5: 32. 1992.

Description: Epiphytic or lithophytic herb, to ca 30 cm tall. Tuber globose, 1–2.5 cm in diam.; bulbiferous stolons branched; bulbils many, covered by hooked scales. Leaves ovate to ovate-oblong, peltate, 8–23 cm long; apex acute; base shallowly cordate; blade thin; basal veins 4–5 on each side, secondary pinnate; petiole 15–40 cm long, 1/4–1/3 forming a sheath. Spadix solitary with leaves; peduncle 6–10 cm long. Spathe constricted; tube ovoid, 1.2–1.5 cm long; limb spreading, 13–21 cm long, lower part constricted: subglobose on lower part, 1.5–2.5 cm long, explored to male zone; upper part linear, 10–21 cm long, opening for 3–4 hours. Spadix sessile, 2–2.5 cm long; female zone creamy yellow, 5–8 mm long; sterile zone 4–5 mm long; male zone grayish violet, clavate, ca 1 cm long; synandria ca 1 mm in diam. Fruiting spathe ovoid, split one side, fruits globose, green, turning red.




Distribution: India Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, S China and N Thailand, common in montane forest, occasionally found on limestone, to ca 2200 m.

Notes: Last updated on 17 January 2017.

Photos: Rachun Pooma (Maeon Chiang Mai); Preecha Karaket (Tha Song Yang, Tak)

Heng Li and P.C. Boyce 2010. Araceae. In Flora of China Vol. 23: 72.