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How to use
1. Find the accommodation and service and to make reservation more one unit. Select national park, check in and no. of Nights and Click "search" button
2. Click behide accommodation, in put your data and in put the vaule in the picture, then click Submit button
3. * = Please in put your data
4. If your reservation complete, online reservation system will be shown Payment Form of your reservation.
5. Please print your payment form for pay money and show national park officer for check in
Condition for booking, payment and visit national park
Condition for booking
1. Booking can be arranged through in this website (www.dnp.go.th) or telephone booking at +66 2562 0760.
2. Advance booking is 60 days and reserve 3 days/time.
Condition for payment
1. Please check name of the national park, service name, check in and check out date before process the payment. Any alteration after booking, please contact the officer at the National Park Office Tel. +66 2561 0777 ext. 1743, 1744
2. Payment on 2 days because the online reservation system will be automatic cancel.
3. Payment should be done during Monday-Friday before 6.00 pm (the online reservation system will be confirmed before 6.00 pm)
4. Foreign clients who perform online accommodation booking from outside Thailand must transfer the accommodation fee (except bank service charge) to Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, Thailand, account number 039-6-02816-0.

    It is important to e-mail the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to np_income@dnp.go.th with the following information : 1) Booking Code. 2) Name of booking person as shown in the booking information. and 3) Name of National Park that has been booked. click here for more information
Condition for check in
1. It is important to presence this page (payment form) which show the detail of booked accommodation and bank slip or receipt at the national park for check in.
2. Postponement of reservation must be done by submitting letter at least 10 days in advance prior to check-in date and this postpone can be done only one time and duration of postpone must not longer than 15 days based on the permission date. In case the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation does not allow to postpone, booker must go check in on that available date.