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  Contact Address of Forest Park    
No. Forest Park Contact Address
1. Namtok Buatong Lae Namphu Chet Si Forest Park Mae Hor Pra Sub-district,, Mae Taeng district , Chiang Mai provice, 50150
2. Cha Pan Pee Forest Park Wawee Sub-district,, Mae Suai district , Chiang Rai provice, 
3. Doi Kad Pee Forest Park Huai Chompoo Sub-district,, Muang Chiang Rai district , Chiang Rai provice, 
4. Doi Phra Baht Forest Park , Wiang Chiang Rung district , Chiang Rai provice, 
5. Huai Nam Chang Forest Park Sstan Sub-district,, Chiang Khong district , Chiang Rai provice, 
6. Huai Sai Man Forest Park Rim Khong Sub-district,, Chiang Khong district , Chiang Rai provice, 
7. Namtok Don Sila - Pha Ngam Forest Park Don Sila Sub-district,, Doi Luang district , Chiang Rai provice, 
8. Namtok Hua Mae Kham Foerst Park Turn Thai Sub-district,, Mae Fa Luang district , Chiang Rai provice, 57240
9. Namtok Huai Kang Pla Forest Park Pa Tueng Sub-district,, Mae Chan district , Chiang Rai provice, 
10. Namtok Huai Mae Sak Forest Park Thung Kor Sub-district,, Wiang Chiang Rung district , Chiang Rai provice, 57210
11. Namtok Huai Nam Oun Forest Park Wawee Sub-district,, Mae Suai district , Chiang Rai provice, 
12. Namtok Huai Tat Thong Forest Park Mai Ya Sub-district,, Phaya Mengrai district , Chiang Rai provice, 
13. Namtok Khun Nam Yab Forest Park Mae Ngern Sub-district,, Chiang Saen district , Chiang Rai provice, 
14. Namtok Mae Slong Forest Park Mae Slong Nai Sub-district, Mae Fa Luang district , Chiang Rai provice, 
15. Namtok Mae Tho Forest Park Weiang Sub-district,, Wiang Pa Pao district , Chiang Rai provice, 57170
16. Namtok Mio Cho Taeh Forest Park Mu 7, Ban Thung Praow, Wawee Sub-district, Mae Suai district , Chiang Rai provice, 
17. Namtok Si Chomphu Forest Park Yang Hom Sub-district,, khuntan district , Chiang Rai provice, 
18. Namtok Tat Khwan Forest Park Tad Khwan Sub-district,, Phaya Mengrai district , Chiang Rai provice, 57290
19. Namtok Tat Sai Roong Forest Park Pa Sang Sub-district,, Wiang Chiang Rung district , Chiang Rai provice, 
20. Namtok Tat Sawan Forest Park Huai Sak Sub-district,, Muang Chiang Rai district , Chiang Rai provice, 
21. Namtok Wang Than Thong Forest Park , Chiang Saen district , Chiang Rai provice, 
22. Phaya Phiphak Forest Park Yang Hom Sub-district,, khuntan district , Chiang Rai provice, 57340
23. Phu Chi Fa Forest Park Por Sub-district, Wiang Kaen district , Chiang Rai provice, 57310
24. Phu Chom Dao Forest Park Mae Saruay Sub-district,, Mae Suai district , Chiang Rai provice, 
25. Rim Khong Forest Park Ban Saew Sub-district,, Chiang Saen district , Chiang Rai provice, 
26. San Pha Phaya Phrai Forest Park Therd Thai Sub-district,, Mae Fa Luang district , Chiang Rai provice, 57110
27. Tham Luang-Khun Nam Nang Non Forest Park Pongpha Sub-district,, Mae Sai district , Chiang Rai provice, 57130
28. Tham Pha Lae Forest Park Mu 6, Ban Phalae, Por Sub-district, Wiang Kaen district , Chiang Rai provice, 
29. Mon Phraya Chae Forest Park Pichai Sub-district,, Muang Lampang district , Lampang provice, 52000
30. Doi Wiang Kaeo Forest Park Mae Trun Sub-district,, Li district , Lamphun provice, 51110
31. Kaeo Komon Forest Park Mae La Noi Sub-district,, Mae La Noi district , Mae Hong Son provice, 58120
32. Mai Sak Yai Forest Park Mae Sam Lab Sub-district,, Sop Mei district , Mae Hong Son provice, 
33. Namtok Gloco Forest Park Mu 12, Ban Gloco, Sob Moei Sub-district,, Sop Mei district , Mae Hong Son provice, 
34. Namtok Huai Mae Sad Forest Park Sob Moei Sub-district,, Sop Mei district , Mae Hong Son provice, 
35. Namtok Mae Najang Forest Park Mu 1, Ban Mae Najang, Khun Mae Najang Sub-district,, Mae La Noi district , Mae Hong Son provice, 
36. Namtok Mae Sawan Noi Forest Park Mae Hoh Sub-district,, Mae Sariang district , Mae Hong Son provice, 58110
37. Namtok Mae Yuam Luang Forest Park Mu 1 Ban Mae Yuam Luang, TMae Ukor Sub-district,, Khun Yuam district , Mae Hong Son provice, 
38. Namtok Mai Sang Ngam Forest Park Mu 1, Ban Huai Pong, Huai Pong Sub-district,, Muang district , Mae Hong Son provice, 
39. Pha Hin Tang Forest Park Pha Bong Sub-district,, Muang district , Mae Hong Son provice, 58000
40. Tham Taralod Forest Park Mae Hor Sub-district,, Mae Sariang district , Mae Hong Son provice, 
41. Thung Buatong Forest Park Mae Ukho Sub-district,, Khun Yuam district , Mae Hong Son provice, 58140
42. Khao Luang Forest Park Nong Korl Sub-district,, Muang Nakhon Sawan district , Nakhon Sawan provice, 
43. Tham Phet-Tham Thong Forest Park Mu 5, Ta Klee Sub-district,, Takhli district , Nakhon Sawan provice, 60140
44. Tham Pha Tup Forest Park Pha Singha Sub-district,, Muang district , Nan provice, 42000
45. Dinosown Kaeng Luang Forest Park , Chiang Muan district , Phayao provice, 
46. Namtok Nam Min Forest Park Mae Lao Sub-district,, Chiang Kham district , Phayao provice, 
47. Phu Langka Forest Park Pha Chang Noi Sub-district,, Chiang Kham district , Phayao provice, 56110
48. Rong Kham Luang Forest Park Mae Na Ruea Sub-disrict,, Muang Phayao district , Phayao provice, 
49. Namtok Than Thip Forest Park 33 Mu 11, Boog Num Toa Sub-district,, Lom Sak district , Phetchabun provice, 67110
50. Nakhon Chai Boworn Forest Park Mu 2, Tha Soa Sub-district,, Pho Thale district , Phichit provice, 66130
51. Khao Phanom Thong Forest Park Pun Salee Sub-district,, Wang Thong district , Phitsanulok provice, 65130
52. Doi Mon Kaew - Mon Deng Forest Park Mu 7, Ban Huai Hoi, Huai Ma Sub-district,, Muang Phrae district , Phrae provice, 
53. Pha Lak Mern Forest Park Mu 5, Ban Kaeng Luang,Mae Pan Sub-district,, Long district , Phrae provice, 54150
54. Phae Mueang Phi Forest Park Nam Chum Sub-district,, Muang Phrae district , Phrae provice, 54000
55. Tham Lom - Tham Wang Forest Park Khun Krai Sub-district,, Si Samrong district , Sukhothai provice, 64120
56. Kaeng Huai Tak Forest Park Tong Fa Sub-district,, Ban Tak district , Tak provice, 
57. Namtok Huai Mae Khai Forest Park Thung Krachor Sub-district,, Ban Tak district , Tak provice, 
58. Namtok Pa La Ta Forest Park Mu 1, Ban Pa La Ta, Mae Lamoong Sub-district,, Umphang district , Tak provice, 
59. Phra Tad Huai Luek Forest Park Mae Tan Sub-district,, Tha Song Yang district , Tak provice, 
60. Tham Ta Co Bi Forest Park Mae Klong Sub-district, Umphang district , Tak provice, 
61. Tham Khao Wong Forest Park Mu 3, Ban Rai Sub-district,, Ban Rai district , Uthai Thani provice, 61140
62. Ton Sak Yai Forest Park Nam Prad Sub-district,, Nam Pad district , Uttaradit provice, 53110
1. Khao Laem Sing Forest Park Bang Krachai Sub-district,, Lam Sing district , Chanthaburi provice, 22130
2. Namtok Khao Chao Bo Thong Foerst Park Nong Yai Sub-district,, Bo Thong district , Chonburi provice, 27000
3. Phra Thaen Dong Rang Forest Park Pratan Sub-district,, Tha Maka district , Kanchanaburi provice, 71120
4. Cha-am Forest Park Cha-am Sub-district,, Cha-am district , Phetchaburi provice, 76120
5. Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park Cha-am Sub-district,, Cha-am district , Phetchaburi provice, 76120
6. Khao Eto Forest Park , Muang Prachin Buri district , Prachinburi provice, 
7. Huai Nam Sap Forest Park Tongmongkol Sub-district, Bang Saphan district , Prachuap Khiri Khan provice, 77140
8. Khao Ta Mong Lai Forest Park Ao Noi Sub-district,, Muang Prachuap Khiri Khan district , Prachuap Khiri Khan provice, 77000
9. Mae Ramphueng Forest Park Mae Lumprung Sub-district,, Bang Saphan district , Prachuap Khiri Khan provice, 77170
10. Pa Klang Ao Forest Park Mu 6, Ban Bon Don, Mae Lumprung Sub-district,, Bang Saphan district , Prachuap Khiri Khan provice, 77140
11. Pran Buri Forest Park , Pran Buri district , Prachuap Khiri Khan provice, 77220
12. Thao Kosa Forest Park Pak Num Pran Sub-district,, Pran Buri district , Prachuap Khiri Khan provice, 77120
13. Tham Khao Noi Forest Park Kram Yon Sub-district,, Chom Bung district , Ratchaburi provice, 70150
14. Phu Muang Forest Park Chorakhe Samphan Sub-district,, U Thong district , Suphanburi provice, 71170
1. Phu Sing - Phu Pha Phueng Forest Park , Mung Amnat Charoen district , Amnat Charoen provice, 37000
2. Phu Khao Fi Kradong Forest Park Ban Nam Sub, Samet Sub-district,, Muang Buri Ram district , Buriram provice, 31000
3. Phu Faek Forest Park Phu Lan Chang Sub-district,, Na Khu district , Kalasin provice, 46000
4. Phu Pha Wua Forest Park Kud Wah Sub-district,, Kuchinarai district , Kalasin provice, 46000
5. Phu Phra Forest Park Tah Khan To Sub-district,, Tha Khantho district , Kalasin provice, 46190
6. Namtok Ba Luang Forest Park Huay Yang Sub-district,, Kranuan district , Khorn Kaen provice, 40170
7. Phu Hun - Phu Ra Ngum Forest Park Wangsaeng Sub-district,, Chonnabot district , Khorn Kaen provice, 40180
8. Harirak Forest Park Kaeng Sri Phoom Sub-district,, Phu Luang district , Loei provice, 42230
9. Namtok Huai Lao Forest Park Kaeng Sri Phoom Sub-district,, Phu Luang district , Loei provice, 42230
10. Pha Ngam Forest Park Puan Pu Sub-district,, Nong Hin district , Loei provice, 
11. Phu Bo Bit Forest Park Muang Sub-district,, Muang Loei district , Loei provice, 42000
12. Phu Pha Lom Forest Park Ban Pire, Nam Soui Sub-district,, Muang Loei district , Loei provice, 42160
13. Tham Saeng Tham Phrommawat Forest Park Cheang Khom Sub-district,, Pak Chom district , Loei provice, 42150
14. Chi Long Forest Park Tah Khon Yang Sub-district,, Kantharawichai district , Maha Sarakham provice, 44150
15. Kosamphi Forest Park Mu 1, Ban Khum Krang, Huai Khwang Sub-district,, Kosum Phisai district , Maha Sarakham provice, 44140
16. Dong Bang-i Forest Park Nakok Sub-district, Nikhom Kham Soi district , Mukdaharn provice, 49130
17. Namtok Than Thip Forest Park Ban Moung Sub-district,, Sangkhom district , Nong Khai provice, 
18. Bua Ban Forest Park Nongbua Sub-disrict,, Mung Nongbua Lamphu district , Nongbua Lamphu provice, 
19. Phu Pha Daeng Forest Park , Suwan Khuha district , Nongbua Lamphu provice, 39270
20. Phu Pha Dan Forest Park Dongmaphi Sub-district,, Muang Sakon Nakhorn district , Sakhon Nakhorn provice, 
21. Pa Son Nong Khu Forest Park Tab Tan Sub-district,, Muang district , Surin provice, 32000
22. Phanom Sawai Forest Park Nabua Sub-district,, Muang district , Surin provice, 32000
23. Namtok Pha Luang Forest Park Na Learn Sub-district,, Si Muang Mai district , Ubon Ratchathani provice, 34250
24. Namtok Koy Nang Forest Park Nong Saeng Sub-district, Nong Saeng district , Udon Thani provice, 41340
25. Phu Phra Bat Buabok Forest Park Muang Pan Sub-district, Ban Phu district , Udon Thani provice, 41160
26. Phu khao Suan Kwang Forest Park Toamnangam Sub-district,, Non Sa-at district , Udon Thani provice, 
27. Tamsingha Forest Park Khonyoong Sub-district,, Kut Chap district , Udon Thani provice, 
28. Wang Sam Mo Forest Park Nong Krong Tab Ma Sub-district,, Wang Sam Mo district , Udon Thani provice, 41280
1. Namtok Kapo Forest Park Salui Sub-district,, Tha Sae district , Chumphon provice, 86140
2. Namtok Raman Forest Park Mu 6, Ban Hin Sam Kon, Krasom Sub-district,, Takua Thung district , Phangnga provice, 82130
3. Sa Nang Manora Forest Park Mu 3, Noppring Sub-district,, Takua Pa district , Phangnga provice, 82110
4. Mueang Kao Chai Buri Forest Park Chai Buri Sub-district,, Muang Phattalung district , Phatthalung provice, 93000
5. Namtok Thara Sawan Forest Park Khuan Ka Long Sub-district,, Khuan Ka Long district , Satun provice, 91130
6. Khuan Khao Wang Forest Park Nongklod Sub-district,, Muang Songkhla district , Songkhla provice, 90000
7. Bo Namron Kan Tung Forest Park , Kantang district , Trang provice, 
8. Namtok Phan Forest Park Pa Lien Sub-district,, Palian district , Trang provice, 92000

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