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Lam Nam Kraburi National Park

The Royal Forest Department had directed the National Park Division officers to go on a field trip to carry out a survey on the area of the National Reserved Forest comprising Khlong Lam Liang-La-Un Forest, La-Un Forest Un-Pa Forest Ratchakut Forest, Khlong Set Kuat Forest, Khao Hin Chang Forest and Pa Khao Sam Laem Forest in order to classify the above National Forest Reserved area into a national park, which on 21st April, 1999, the above said area was announced as a national park called Lam Nam Kraburi National Park with the total area of approximately 160, comprising of 61 of water and 99 of land.

Geographical Features

Lam Nam Kraburi National Park covers the area of approximately 160, consisting of Kraburi River, parting Thailand and Myanmar, small islands scattering along Kraburi River and Mangrove Forest by the Kraburi River banks and the National Reserved Forest area consisting of Khlong Set Kuat Forest, Khao Hin Chang Forest, Khao Sam Lam Forest, La-Un Forest Ratchakut Forest and Khlong Lam Liang-La-Un National Forest.

Weather Condition

The average lowest temperature in the Lam Nam Kraburi National Park is 13.7 degree Celsius and the average highest temperature is 34 degree Celsius with average rainfall at 4,276 millimeters/year. The best months and the most suitable period for tourism are between January and April.

Varieties of Plants and Wild Animals

Tropical Rain Forests can be found around Khlong Set Kuat Forest, Khao Hin Chang Forest, Khao Takian Forest and La-Un Forest /Ratchakut Forest National Forests and the most distinctive vegetation found only in this area is Khun Mai with large, straight trunk and cashew nut like seeds. Such vegetation is found around Punyaban Falls, La-Un Forest/Ratchakut Forest National Reserved Forest and Mangrove Forest.

Other distinctive vegetations are large leaves and small leaves Mangroves, Prong, Xylocarpus moluccensis, Xylocarpus granatum, Bruguiera Sex angula, Avicennia marina, Sonneratia and Beans.

Grass hills, on the other hand, cover the area of approximate 1.6 Such area was formerly the growing plots which were repeatedly destroyed by fire but have been revived into the existing grass hills today.

Mammals including Panthera tigris, Neofelis nebulosa, Asiatic black bears, mongoose, bats and civets can be found in this area while birds, for example, can be found easily around the National Park Office. As for amphibians, those which can be found around the Kraburi River are toads and frogs.

Aquatic Life
Consists of saltwater eels, carps, mackerels, mudskippers, crabs, and Kraburi River prawns.

Location and Journey
Lam Nam Kraburi National Park
130, Mu 3, Ban Hin Chang, Phetkasem rd, Paknam Sub-district,, Muang Ranong, Ranong, Thailand   85000
Tel. : 0 7798 8817 ,0 7787 0238 (VoIP)
Head's name : APICHAT SANGPRADUP   Position : Forestry Technical Officer, Professional Level
By Car

Buses from Ranong Province to the National Park Office (approximately 18 kilometers) are operating daily from 7.00am – 4.00pm. Another alternative is to take buses from Bangkok which will reach the entrance of the National Park 18 kilometers before actually reaching the town of Ranong.


Booking can be arranged through in this website or telephone booking at +66 2562 0760. Reservation can be made 60 days in advance. Payment at Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, needs to be done within 2 days after the reservation is being made.

Foreign clients who perform online accommodation booking from outside Thailand must transfer the accommodation fee (except bank service charge) to Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, Thailand, account number 039-6-02816-0.

It is important to e-mail The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to with the following information : 1) Booking Code. 2) Name of booking person as shown in the booking information. and 3) Name of National Park that has been booked. more

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Zone Service Name Bed
Facilities Reserve
Zone 1 1. Kraburi 102/1 (Thep Tharo) 2 1 4 800  mattress (3.5 feet bed), fan, water heater, dining table, towel
Zone 1 2. Kraburi 102/2 (Thep Tharo) 2 1 4 800  mattress (3.5 feet bed), fan, water heater, dining table, towel
Note : Extra visitors will be charged as follows: bungalow or terrace house 100 baht /person/night, dormitory 50 baht/person/night. Bedding will not be provided.
Zone Zone Name Zone Detail
Zone 1 Kraburi 101-102 Bungalow, Headquarters area

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Meeting Room

Tourist Attractions

Tham Yi Pun  Situated on Ko Khwang and is 500 meters in depth. Formerly a Japanese Military Base during World War 2

Activities : Historical Sight Seeing   Cave/Geological Touring   Canoeing-Kayaking  

Beautiful Nature

Bo Namron Had Yai  A total of 3 hot springs are located in Mu 2, Tambon Bang Phra Nua, La Un District, Ranong Province, and around the Had Yai Ranger Station.

Activities : Mineral water bath   flowers admiring  

Islands of the Kra Buri River  Consisting of 6 islands namely Siat Island, Khwang Island, Yao Island, Khon Island, Pling Island, and Nok Plao Island which are situated right in the middle of the river with the most perfect mangrove forest and absolutely no population whatsoever. Khwang Island, however, is the exception since there is a land concession of 0.35, whereby such concession will be expired in March 2, 2013.

Activities : Rafting-Canoeing-Kayaking   View   Cultural Sight Seeing  

Khao Hin Chang View Point  Situated in the area of Khao Hin Chang and is the point where Kraburi River, its islands and the mangrove forest, along with the Myanmar scenery can be viewed widely and clearly.

Activities : Nature trail study   View   Camping  

Kra Buri River  The Kra Buri River, the border between Thailand and Myanmar, is 60 km along from source to mouth, and 6 km wide. The river banks are natural and there are a number of islnad groups. The whole boundary area of Thailand and Myanmar has healthy mangrove forests, and has a high potential for river tourism, such as rafting and boat trips. In the future when the Lam Nam Kra Buri National Park boundary has been officially declared, cooperation between Thailand and Myanmar in organising tourism for the Kraburi River area can be enhanced. From the Isthmus of Thailand, following the river down to Ko Song or Victoria Point Island in Myanmar, arises a National Park between countries, which has the highest potential in tourism and conservation. This will lead to good relations and further opportunities for cooperation between Thailand and Myanmar.

Activities : Rafting-Canoeing-Kayaking   Canoeing-Kayaking   flowers admiring   View   Cultural Sight Seeing   Bird Watching  

Punyaban Waterfall  Punyaban Waterfall is an all year round falls by Petchkasem Road Km.598 with the average number of 100,000 tourists visiting per year. The originating point of this fall is La Un/Ratchakut National Forest.

Activities : Nature trail study   Waterfall Traveling   View  

Sed Kuad Peninsular  Sed Kuad Peninsular is an area of healthy mangrove forest, the tip of which stands out into thr Kraburi River. It is located in the National Park Headquarters area, covering an area of approximately 3.2

The Viewpoint at Khao Hin Chang, National Park Headquarters, gives a panoramic view of the Kraburi River, the islands, mangrove forests, and a clear view of the river banks on Myanmar side of the border.

Activities : Canoeing-Kayaking   flowers admiring   View  

Ton Pak Waterfall  3km far from Ranger Station 1 (Hat Yai). Located Moo 2 Tambon Bang Phar Nuen Amphur La-oon Ranong province. It's has 4 levels.

Activities : Waterfall Traveling  


Men's restroom    There are toilets for men.

Women's restroom    There are toilets for women.

Accommodation    2 bungalows are also available.

Camping site    Areas for putting up tents are provided within the National Park with bathroom/toilets and two souvenir shops near Poonyapal Falls and the hot springs.

Docking , Boat Tie-up , Wharf    A pier is situated in Ban Khao Sam Laem, Tambon Pak Nam, Muang District, Ranong Province.

Lam Nam Kraburi National Park
130, Mu 3, Ban Hin Chang, Phetkasem rd, Paknam Sub-district,  Amphur Muang Ranong   Ranong   Thailand 85000
Tel. 0 7798 8817 ,0 7787 0238 (VoIP)   E-mail