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Namtok Ngao National Park

Formerly, Nam Tok Ngao National Park was called Klong Prao National Park, located in Amphur La-un, Muang, Ranong province; and Amphur Sawee, Thung Tago, Lung Suan, Pa To, Choomporn province. At 668 km2, the park's general geography is rugged mountain range. And it has valuable trees forest and headwaters, suit to set a national park.

Geographical Features

The general topographic composition of the park are mountainous regions, which includes Khao Daen, Khao Huai Siat, Khao Nom Sao, and can be seen stretching from the northern to southern areas of the land. Khao Nom Sao is not only the highest mountain in the park, peaking at a height of 1,089m above sea level; it also provides a very important watershed for the provinces of Ranong and Chumphon.

Weather Condition

Due to the monsoons experienced in Thailand during the months of May till December, January through to April is considered the best time to visit Nam Tok Ngao National Park.

Varieties of Plants and Wild Animals

There is moist evergreen forest with valuable floras some are Podocarpus neriilolius, Hopea odorata and Michelia champaca. Beside, there is an orchid scattered in deep forest -Dendrobium Formosum, which is similar to Cathalia Orchid and bloom from October to December. Bour Put (Reffesia Kereii Mejjer) Its a new species of fauna and the largest flower in the world. Actually, its parasitic species in the Rafflesia. Its remarkable, not only because of their size, but also because the flower is the only part of the plant that is visible which appeared on the ground, only in rainy season. Its characteristic is similar to dark red cabbages.

Wildlife existing in the park includes wild elephants, tapirs, gaurs, leopards, bears, barking deer, monkeys, langurs, wild boars, serows, cobras, King cobra, python, jungle fowl, hornbill, etc. The most important of all the wildlife species found in the park is the famous Chao Fa crab (Phricotelphusa sirindorn Naiyanets) which was discovered around the Nomtok Ngao National Park area of the Ranong province.

Location and Journey
Namtok Ngao National Park
Ngao Sub-district,, Muang Ranong, Ranong, Thailand   85000
Tel. : 0 7784 8181,0 76595045   Fax : 0 7784 8181
Head's name : RITTIKORN NUNLOY   Position : Forestry Technical Officer, Professional Level
By Car

Nam Tak Ngao National Park's Headquarters is 13 kilometers from the town of Ranong. Follow the road number 4 (Ranong-Ratcha Krud) then turn left for 700 meters you will reach the Headquarters.


Booking can be arranged through in this website or telephone booking at +66 2562 0760. Reservation can be made 60 days in advance. Payment at Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, needs to be done within 2 days after the reservation is being made.

Foreign clients who perform online accommodation booking from outside Thailand must transfer the accommodation fee (except bank service charge) to Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, Thailand, account number 039-6-02816-0.

It is important to e-mail The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to with the following information : 1) Booking Code. 2) Name of booking person as shown in the booking information. and 3) Name of National Park that has been booked. more

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Zone Service Name Bed
Facilities Reserve
Zone 1 1. Namtok Ngao 101 (Komazum 1) 1 1 3 800  mattress (3.5 feet bed), air condition, fan, water heater, towel
Zone 1 2. Namtok Ngao 102 (Komazum 2) 1 1 3 600  mattress (3.5 feet bed), fan, water heater, towel
Zone 1 3. Namtok Ngao 103 (Komazum 3) 1 1 3 600  mattress (3.5 feet bed), fan, water heater, towel
Zone 1 4. Namtok Ngao 105 (Tar San 1) 1 1 2 600  mattress (large bed), fan, towel
Zone 1 5. Namtok Ngao 106 (Tar San 2) 1 1 2 600  mattress (large bed), fan, towel
Zone 1 6. Namtok Ngao 107 (Tar San 3) 1 1 2 600  mattress (large bed), fan, towel
Zone 1 7. Namtok Ngao 108 (Tar San 4) 1 1 2 600  mattress (large bed), fan, towel
Note : Extra visitors will be charged as follows: bungalow or terrace house 100 baht /person/night, dormitory 50 baht/person/night. Bedding will not be provided.
Zone Zone Name Zone Detail
Zone 1 Namtok Ngao 101-104 Bungalow, Headquarters area
Zone 1 Namtok Ngao 105-106 Bungalow, Headquarters area
Zone 1 Namtok Ngao 107-108 Bungalow, Headquarters area

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Meeting Room

Tourist Attractions

Beautiful Nature

Bang Rin Waterfall  located in Moo 2, Tambol Bang Rin, Amphur Muang Ranong. Turn left at the intersection next to Bang Rin bridge along Muang Din Khao road parallel Klong Bang Rin for 3 kilometers. The steep waterfall is wellknown among Ranong people

Activities : Waterfall Traveling  

Cheaw Klai Waterfall  situated in valley of Tambol Bang Phra Nua, Amphur La Un, Ranong. It has water flow all year.

Activities : Waterfall Traveling  

Khao Namtok Ngao Hiking Trail  

Activities : Nature trail study   Camping   Stargazing  

Khao Nom Sao Hiking Trail  

Activities : Nature trail study   View  

Khao Pho Ta Chod Hiking Trail  

Activities : Nature trail study  

Khlong Phrao Waterfall  a beautiful waterfall that has water flows all year. These are 5 levels, the third level is 36 meters high. Separate from Lang Suan-Thung Tago road for 14 kilometers, you will reach the fall.

Activities : Nature trail study   Waterfall Traveling  

Ngao Waterfall  located near the Headquarters, you can follow Phetchkasem road for 13 kilometers then turn left at the intersection that opposite Khao Ya and follow the road for 1 kilometer. The waterfall has water drops over the high and steep cliff that you can see it even you are far away.

Chao Phar Crab (Phricotelphusa Sirindhorn Naiyanete) Chao Phar Crab, a new kind of crab in the world first found in Ngaw Waterfall, is unique, and unlike any kinds of fresh water crab, such as, its shell and claws are white, and its lip, two eyes sockets and eight legs are purple.

Gomasum or Uang Ngoen Luang (Dendrobium formosum) is symbolic of Ranong Province. Its fauna in the Orchidaceae, generally characteristic is just like Cattariya orchid, white sepals and petals, white lip with yellow blotch with its delicately fragrant. The blooming season is October to December. It can be found easily in Moist forest, especially at Nam Tok Hngao National Park.

Activities : Waterfall Traveling   flowers admiring  


Phon Rang Hot Spring  

Activities : Mineral water bath   flowers admiring  


Men's restroom    There are toilets for men.

Women's restroom    There are toilets for women.

Accommodation    Bungalows are also available.

Camping site    Campground is available for visitors.

Parking    National Park provides parking lot for visitors.

Food services    Restaurant is available in the Park.

Soft drink kiosk    Coffee/tea/soft drink Kiosk can be found in the Park.

Visitor center    Visitor Center is open daily from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Namtok Ngao National Park
Ngao Sub-district,  Amphur Muang Ranong   Ranong   Thailand 85000
Tel. 0 7784 8181,0 76595045   Fax 0 7784 8181   E-mail