Pran Buri Forest Park
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Pran Buri Forest Park    

 Pran Buri Forest Park
 general Information    

1. Background of Pran Buri Forest.

As a result of application. Founded in 1974 by the Department of Forestry Forest Management Division. In the day to conduct development projects Pranburi Forest estuary by royal will. The project is due to the time the Royal Princess. Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. Queen. Has come great outlet village Pran Buri. Pran Buri district. Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. And observe to see mangrove. The villagers preferred to burn the charcoal. He has heart pine. To support the growing vegetation around the estuary shore Pran Buri Forest Department has set up a special project. The setting is a forest reserve area of the old Canal National Forest. And Forest 793 acres canal waiting area contains mangrove forest mixed declduous forest drought inland beach shore and wasteful empty. To develop a multi forests to produce timber benefits. As leisure. Prevent wind and water sources for aquaculture. It is also an example to convince plant maintenance, natural forests. Beautiful are the property of future generations to posterity.

Later on September 21, 1982 the National Park. (Formerly National Division) has sent officials to survey the region to establish a Forest and Forestry Department has determined to manage the areas of 793 acres in the park because of the drought conditions Mangrove forest mixed declduous forest beaches, natural scenery and beaches not. (Beach breath Ciri) beautiful Pranburi River. Flow through the central area of the forest. Especially near communities and other attractions, travel and leisure trip easily Forestry Department has a command 1887/1983 dated December 13, 1983 appointed officials from the National Park. To serve as head of the Pranburi Forest. Since April, 1996 was transferred to work in the supervision of the Executive Office of Conservation Area 3 (Bganopeg) the His Majesty. Her Majesty and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. Queen. Pran Buri Forest has come visit. Together several times since 1996 until the year 2003 and he is concerned about the forest park area of Pran Buri. The mangrove forest is very specific conditions.

2. Pran Buri Forest area.

Area of forest reserves and national forests Old forests canal canal forward. Tambon Paknam breath. Pran Buri district. Prachuap Khiri Khan Province area of 793 acres .

3. Pran Buri park's territory.

North: take private land.
South: take the left side Pran Buri River.
East: Gulf seaboard of Thailand.
West: take him five brightness.


State forest is divided into 3 features include.

1. Forest Beach area of sea the Gulf of Thailand. The sea is a pine forest plantation.
2. Mangrove forest area, he flatly oriented mogul Ram Head. Road entrance to the park.
3. Rainforest areas to treat head Ram and his godfather gold ruby goddess.

Interesting features.

1. Seashore and pine forest on the beach shore fried. The length parallel to the coast is called the Gulf of Thailand. "Pran Ciri Beach breath" is the beach sand. Length of approximately 1,000 meters on the east side of the park. Views of the sea lion island of Koh Tao He Tao He and chopsticks.
2. Views of the mangrove forest. Which has several vegetation types. As well as the ecosystem of the mangrove forest to be educational. To both educate and entertain. This is the central park.
3. Vista of rainforest drought. The land area is forest Ram his head and his godfather ruby goddess. The west of the park. To see beautiful scenery below.
4. Landscaped area outlet Pranburi. A fishing village. This is a professional fishing communities. Mangrove forest area and two side Pranburi River. Is very spectacular to see.


Weather conditions in the forest area will be influenced by monsoon sea breeze and land breeze is divided into the following 3 seasons.
Rainy season. June - end of October of every year.
Winter. From November - February of every year.
Summer. March - May of every year.

 Flora and Fauna    

Pranburi Forest. The wood species and numerous wildlife species.

1. Colored wood.
1.1 ignore the wild sea beach sea Yi Saeda Chongnonsee Esoma Kigehlek Kantagpyabat well preserved giant sensitive plant of grass floating wind sea grass cockscomb ѡ駷żѡ etc..
1.2 Mangrove leaves a small mangrove mangrove leaves large white small edible sea crab small edible sea crab sea Tabon Tabon White Black Red Pro Pro of harsh white flowers of white Kloe Po anklebone sea sea sea Corporation Pagka head stack pick flowers from the sea of red bell Chacram ѡ sea stem spread Christ. etc..
1.3 rainforest tree species such as drought Chgagngaw gardenia, bamboo Rwk Tan Otnd Christ the mango cake ŧѹ praise Ghost Forest lemon soap, black tiger Makampgam ѹ Sladad ·ͧ dick head grass roots less. And different types of mushrooms, etc..

2. Wildlife.
2.1 pet milk balls with a chamois deer barking deer squirrel monkey hare etc..
2.2 Poultry, which has wild fowl Indian peacock peacock Thai woodpecker after three inches of gold. Bird Opradk Standard barbets jay bird farm birds, white-collared kingfisher birds Hab Carlos orange head. Fill large cuckoo bird music bird mine does reveal large parrot parakeet bird bent Tbiug small birds eat bird nest bird Tinetiin time, owl. hawk bird bird bird bent Tan scanned owl, birds, wild pigeon Nkeka big whoop, Nkeka Luang Nkeka light rail birds, small gong Nkeka Java happily bellow. Toshiba falcon event cormorant small sea bittern bittern bittern Piano tone big stork bird red stripe on chest black silk E.. Tiger Bird E. Brown. Birds, fish tail, etc. ᫧.
2.3 a fish out of water animals, fish Duktael Ray Sea catfish sea fish, shrimp, fish, doctor fish, Randy Kratak cylindrical fish carp fish Ehedocn foot lagoon fish fish fish Krahag needle small edible sea crab crab crab claw gold small edible sea crab claw crab Epigiw orange sea horse crab crab crab crab fiddler crab. Wind shrimp ᪺ winkle shells Pagoda oyster shells, etc. off.
2.4 reptile species that have different turtles damn snake lizard iguana lizard dragon millipedes, etc..

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Last Update :  3 Jun 2014     

Pran Buri Forest Park
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