Phu Phra Bat Buabok Forest Park
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Phu Phra Bat Buabok Forest Park    

 Phu Phra Bat Buabok Forest Park
 general Information    

Bhu Prabaht Bua Bok Forest Park is located in Muang Pan District, Ban Pue Ampur, Udon Thani Province. Bhu Prabaht Bua Bok is a forest park of 13.00 in Pa Kua Num Forest Reserve and was gazetted on 20 February 1996.


The area is small mountain ranges parallel with Bhu Pan ranges. In the west steep cliffs are found and beautiful scenery can be seen from there. Some areas are rocky ground and rocky mounds, both large and small ones, ranging from 300-400 metres.

 Flora and Fauna    

There are three main vegetation types in the area. Dry Dipterocarp forest is fairly rich and found on the foothill. Plant species found here are Shorea obtuse, Shorea siamensis, Dipterocarpus obtusifolius, Dipterocarpus tuberculatus and Phyllanthus emblic. Mixed Deciduous forest is mainly found in plain area. Plant species found in this forest type include Pterocarpus macrocarpus, Syzygium glaucum, Dipterocarpus obtusifolius, Shorea obtuse, Shorea siamensis, Lagerstroemia cuspidate, Dillenia Spp. Gmelina Spp., Mangifera caloneura, Anisoptera costata and Morinda coreia. Dry Evergreen forest grows in hill cracks and junction areas with Bhu Pan ranges. Flora recorded here include Afzelia xylocarpa, Pterocarpus macrocarpus, Hopea ferrea and Ficus Spp. Wildlife spotted here are Macaque, Flying Lemur, Slow Loris, Junglefowl, Mole and Squirrel. Villagers used to find Wild Pig in dense forest. Various bird species can still be seen today.

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Phu Phra Bat Buabok Forest Park
Muang Pan Sub-district  Amphur Ban Phu   Udon Thani   Thailand 41160
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