Mae Moei National Park
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Mae Moei National Park    

 Mae Moei National Park
 general Information    

Mae Moei National Park has been surveyed and declared a national park since 1990, and belongs to National Park Division, Natural Resources Conservation Office, Royal Forest Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. It is named Mae Moei after Moei River which is the border between Thailand and Myanmar, and its west part is almost 50 kilometers stretching north and south. Moei River is a strange river; it goes from south to north. The park is about 185.28 squares kilometers, and in Mae U-su Sub-district, Maesong Sub-district, Thasongyang District, Tak Province.


Most of the area is complicated mountains, approximately 680 meters above sea level (the highest peak is 1,250 meters above sea level), and has fewer plains. The area, covered by productive forest but the big trees are rarely found, is the main source of Song River, U-su River, Maesalid Luang River and Moei River.


There is heavy rain from May to October which is not suitable for traveling. The summer is warm. The winter is very cold and suitable for traveling and enjoying beautiful sceneries and sea of fog.

 Flora and Fauna    

Animals that have frequently been found in this national park are Common wild pig, Palm Civet, Red Junglefowl and many kinds of birds.

No. visitors of Mae Moei National Park : 54,478     
Last Update :  1 May 2015     

Mae Moei National Park
Mae Song Sub-district,  Amphur Tha Song Yang   Tak   Thailand 63150
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