Khlong Tron National Park
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Khlong Tron National Park    

 Khlong Tron National Park
 general Information    

Klong Tron National Park is situated in an approximate area of 518.80 square kilometers, covering the areas of virgin forests in Thongsaengkhan District, Nam Pad District of Uttaradit Province. Apart from large canals and gullies, the National Park also has beautiful natural sightseeing spots including Huai Niam Waterfall, Kokmonkaew Waterfall, Tham Jan, Tham Jedee, Tham Suadao, Tham Phatang, Kao Phumiang, as well as cliffs, and provides recreational facilities.


The geographical features of the National Park consist of high and low mountains. Major mountains of the National Park include Kao-phumiang, Kao-kwumrua, Kao-ngairua, Kao-samliam, Kao-yuak, Kao-thanon, Kao-daed, Kao-maipha, Kao-takbon, Kao-namyai, Kao-phakkhuang, Kao-jan. Kao-phumiang is the highest mountaintop (1,500 meters above the medium sea level) located in the east of the National Park, and being the source of major gullies flowing westward into the Nan River.


Regarding the weather condition in the areas of the National Park, in summer (March-April), the weather is relatively hot for long periods of time (the lowest temperature is at 12.9„aC, meanwhile, the highest temperature is at 42.6„aC); in winter (October-February), the weather is cold; and in the rainy season, there are moderate rains for short periods of time.

 Flora and Fauna    

There are various kinds of forests within the areas of the National Park, including arid, evergreen forests, virgin forests, pinery, mixed forests, and timber forests. Major plants include Irvingia malayana Oliv. (Krabok), Hopea ferrea Pierre (Takienhin), Anisoptera costata (Krabak), Indian mahogany, Pometia pinnata (Sompong), rubber trees, Malacca trees, Michelia alba, teak, Xylia xylocarpa (redwood plants), Leguminosae (Pradoo), Lagerstroemia (Tabaek), Schleichera oleosa (Takraw), Vitex pinnata Linn. (Teen Nok), Terminalia chebula (Samor Thai), Shorea obtusa Wall. (Teng-rung), Dipterocarpus intricatus (Hiang), Dipterocarpus tuberculatus (Pluang), Cratoxylon pruniflorum (Tew), cratoxylon formosum (Taew), and different kinds of Lithocarpus cantleyanus (Kor).

Wild animals found in the National Park include goral, bears, Muntiacus Muntjak, mouse deer, clouded leopards, fishing cats, masked palm civets, wild rabbits, wild boars, monkeys, loris, mongooses, squirrels, tree shrews, porcupines, and different kinds of reptiles.

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Khlong Tron National Park
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