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  Namtok Chat Trakan National Park  
 Namtok Chat Trakan National Park
 General Information

Chattrakarn waterfall, also called Pakrong Waterfall, is situated in Amphur Chattrakarn of Phitsanulok Province. This park protects the streams which form the headwaters of the Nan River. A variety of evergreen forest types are present. Chattrakarn Waterfall, which its beautifull steps, is surrounded by cliffs. Chattrakarn is the waterfall with beautiful sandy beach suit for swimming and recreation. Some of these are inscribed by yet unexplained rock carvings.


Most of this area is high and complicated mountains. The area has been the main source of many rivers, such as, Park River and Kwaenoy River. The mountains are sandstone especially at the cliff of the waterfall because of the layering of sandstone’s stratum deposited millions of years ago. So the soil in this area is sandy soil because its source is sandstone.


The weather is comfortable, and consists of three seasons, March to May is summer that temperature is 25-29 degrees Celsius, June to October is the rainy season, and December to February is winter which is very cold at night.

 Flora and Fauna

Consisting of mixed forest and lateritic soil, the area locates on low level. The plants in this area are Siamese sal, Ingyin, Dipterocarpaceae, Ironwood, Buemese ebony and Shorea, for examples. There also have thick forests along the streams, and in areas which are soaked and fertile. The main plants of the thick forests are Yang, Dipterocarpaceae, Fagacear, wild mango, Makhaa Mong, and Lagerstroemia, for examples, and the shrubberies are palm, rattan, and many kinds of bamboo.

Most of wild animals migrate to, and live in neighboring Phumiang - Phutong Animals Conservation Area. The animals found are small-size animals, such as, barking deer, wild boar, jungle fowl, chevrotain, squirrel, chipmunk, and many kinds of bird.

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Last Update :  1 May 2015     

Namtok Chat Trakan National Park
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