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  Mae Yom National Park  
 Mae Yom National Park

The location of Mae Yom National Park has its high mountain ranges on both east and west part, which slope down to Yom River which flows through the middle of the area. The high mountain range is the source of water of many streams flowing to Yom River such as Huay Mae Pung, Huay Ded, Huay Pung, Huay Lerm, Huay Mae Tent, Huay Mae Sakin, and Huay Mae Pu.


There are three seasons in Mae Yom National Park.
Rainy season from June to September
Winter from October to January
Summer from February to May

 Flora and Fauna

There are separate kinds of plants; in the valley and near streams and river are mixed trees such as Yang, Krabak (a kind of Dipteroceae), Moulmein cedar, Tabag (a kind of Lagerstroemia), etc; up from the valley and streams are montane trees such as pine, evergreen chinkapin, saramolla grass, etc; in the mixed forest which semi-evergreen trees such as Makhaa mong, ironwood, Burmese ebony, and natural teak growing densely; and deciduous trees and shrub are normal found on the foot of the hills such as Siamese sal, ingyin, Heang (a kind of Dipterocarpus obtusifolius) and eng.

Because there is the forbidden forest, which not allow lumber mill to locate in this area, so that makes it be the habitat of big animals such as elephant, barking deer, mountain goat, Asiatic black beer and wild boar, and small animals such as hare, jungle fowl, loris and many kinds of bird.

No. visitors of Mae Yom National Park : 26,554     
Last Update :  30 Oct 2010     

Mae Yom National Park
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