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Saraca thaipingensis Cantley ex Prain, J. As. Soc. Bengal 66(2): 211, 490. 1897.

Description: Tree to ca 25 m tall. Stipules connate, caducous. Leaves paripinnate, alternate; rachis 20-75 cm long. Leaflets 4-8 pairs; ovate, oblong to lanceolate, 7-32 cm long; apex acute to acuminate; base cunete to rounded; petioles 1-1.5 cm long. Inflorescences corymbose, cauliflorous, 15-35 cm wide, up to 45 cm long; bracts ovate, 1-3.5 cm long, caducous; flowers yellow-orange, bisexual or functionally male; bracteoles 2, lanceolate, 0.6-1.7 cm long, caduceus; pedicels ca 1 cm long. Receptacle tubular, 1.2-2.6 cm long. Sepals 4, petaloid, imbricate, ovate, 0.5-1 cm long. Petal absent. Disc attached on the apex of sepal, turning reddish brown. Stamens 3-7, free, inserted on the disc, long exerted; anthers dorsifixed, opening lengthwise. Ovary hairy, stipitae; style filiform; stigma minute. Pods lanceolate, flattened, 15-40 cm, slightly curved at both ends, beaked ca 1.5 long; stalk 1-2 cm long, young pods purple. Seeds 6-8, elliptic, ca 3.5 cm long.



Distribution: Lower Myanmar, Peninsular Malaysia, Java and Peninsular Thailand, scattered by stream in evergreen forest, up to 1000 m.

Thai name: โสกเหลือง (Sok lueang)

Photos: Preecha Karaket, Rachun Pooma (cultivated)

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