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  • Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) Vol. 45 No. 2 (2017)
    • A revision of Damrongia (Gesneriaceae) in Thailand
    • Hopea macrocarpa (Dipterocarpaceae), a new species from Peninsular Thailand
    • Heteropanax thailandicus, a new species and Schefflera wrayi var. glabrescens (Araliaceae), a new variety from Thailand
    • Gastrodia albidoides (Orchidaceae), a new species record for Thailand
    • Habenaria iyoensis (Orchidaceae), a new record for Thailand and Nepal
    • Thunbergia lutea T.Anderson (Acanthaceae), a new record for Thailand
    • Notes on the genus Ormosia (Fabaceae-Sophoreae) in Thailand
    • The genus Alysicarpus Neck. ex Desv. (Leguminosae) in Thailand



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Agapetes saxicola Craib - Ericaceae

Epiphytic shrub, tuber large, with glandular hairs; leaves small, spiral, margin revolute; corymb 2-4 cm long; flowers white-pink, campanulate, lobes recurved; stamens 10, forming a tube, anthers with 2 spurs; ovary inferior; berry black when ripe. Endemic to N & NE Thailand, open sandstone montane forest, 1200-1500 m.

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