- A new record of Mucuna Adans. (Leguminosae) for Thailand

- Sophora huamotensis, a new species of Sophora (Fabaceae-Papilionoideae-Sophoreae) from Thailand



Osbeckia nepalensis Hook. f. - Melastomataceae

Shrubs; stems 4-angled, densely appressed shaggy hairs; leaves opposite, 2-3 basal nerves; inflorescences 5-8 cm long; hypanthium densely pectinate setose; stamens 10, in 2 whorls, inclined to one side; anthers beaked, dehiscent by apical pore; capsule ribbed, seeds densely granulate. Distributed in tropical Asia to Peninsular Malaysia, in open areas, to 1400 m.