Flora of Thailand project


The study of the Flora of Thailand, with its estimated 10,000 vascular plants species, has been gathering momentum in the last few years and has now reached a well-advanced stage. The Flora of Thailand Project, whose aim is to produce a complete floristic treatment of the entire vascular flora, was initiated in 1963 under Thai-Danish collaboration. In 1965 several botanists already working for decades on Thai flora decided to start the 'Flora of Thailand Project' initiated by Professor Kai Larsen Kai Larsen (1926-2012) (Aarhus) in collaboration with Jules Eugène Vidal (1914- ) (Paris), Dr Bertel Hansen (1932-2005) (Edinburgh), Dr Lewis Leonard Forman (1929-1998) (Kew), Dr Chamlong Phengklai (1934- )(Bangkok), Dr Bertel Hansen (1932-2005) (Copenhagen), Dr Tem Smitiniand (1920-1995) (Bangkok), Dr Cornelis Gijsbert Gerrit Jan van Steenis (1901-1986) (Leiden) and Dr C.F.van Beusekom (1940- ) (Leiden). Following by several other botanists from those herbaria joined the committee and resigned, they are Ivan Christian Nielsen (1946-2007) (AAU), I. Ian Charleson Hedge (1928- ) (E), John Dransfield (1945- ) (K), Kunio Iwatsuki (1934- ) (KYO), Sovanmoly Hul (1946- ) (P) and Marco C. Roos (1955- ) (L)

2nd Flora meeting, Leiden, The Netherlands


Editors-in chief: Thawatchai Santisuk, Henrik Balslev


Editors: Mark Newman, Anders Barfod, Hans-Joachim Esser, David Simpson, John Parnell


Production editor: Kongkanda Chayamarit


Technical manager: Nannapat Pattharahirantricin


Editorial board: Thawatchai Santisuk (BKF), Henrik Balslev (AAU), Hans-Joachim Esser (M), Masahiro Kato (Tsukuba), David Middleton (E), Mark Newman (E), John Parnell (TCD), Henrik Pedersen (C), Chamlong Phengklai (BKF), David Simpson (K), Peter C. van Welzen (L), Thomas Haevermans (P), Minoru M. Tamura (Kyoto), Pranom Chantharanothai (KKU), Rachun Pooma (BKF), Anders Barfod (AAU), Kongkanda Chayamarit (BKF), Piyakaset Suksathan (QBG)

The first publication was published in 1970 (Volume 2 part 1) with T. Smitinand and K. Larsen as editors. Twenty-nine parts and up to volume 10 (2009) now have been published. The current editors are Thawatchai Santisuk (BKF) and Henrik Balslev (AAU). The Flora of Thailand Project until today resulted in a number of collections deposited in several herbaria around the world, and the success of the project is partly due to a very efficient international collaboration and regularly meeting every three years to plan the work ahead for the Flora.


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