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    1.1 The National Forest Policy
The latest National Forest Policy No.18 (1985) stated that a substantial plan for tackling the deforestation problem (eg. shifting cultivation, forest fire etc.) must be determined. Suppression as well as law enforcement measures must be clearly set.

   1.2 The Cabinet Resolution
The Cabinet Resolution dated November 3,1981 gave the following general directives for coping with forest fire:
- All commercial as well as state flights have to report discovered forest fires.
- Imposing measures to intercept forest traversers.
- Procuring aircraft equipped with fire suppression equipment in readiness to combat fire.
- Imposing a fire suppression plan.
- Coordinating with countries with successful fire suppression experiences in order improve fire suppression plan.
   The measures approved by cabinet according to the above directives were as follows :

       1.2.1 Initial measures
- The Royal Forest Department has to establish the organization to undertake forest fire control activities.
- In fire-prone areas, forest fire control units must be established.
- The Ministry of Interior must share responsibilities in fire prevention and suppression by organizing local fire fighting volunteers. In addition, they have to cooperate with the Royal Forest Department in delivering volunteer training.
- All government agencies nationwide, commercial aviation, and communication networks under the Ministry of Interior have to immediately report all discovered fires to the Royal Forest Department or its sub-units.
- Providing sufficient budget as well as essential fire suppression equipment in order to achieve effective fire control.

      1.2.2 Long-term measure
- The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior must plan the long-term project for fire fighting volunteer training in fire-prone areas nationwide.
- Because there is no particular law regarding forest fire, the Royal Forest Department must propose a Forest Fire Control Act emphasizing prevention measures.
- The Royal Forest Department must train all government employees based in adjacent fire-prone areas, and all employees are obliged to assist in fighting fire.
- The Royal Forest Department must assess all operations done in accordance with the above measures. The assessment must be used in planning the permanent regional and national forest fire control agency must be upgraded to Division level in order to effectively undertake the said-planned forest fire control activities.

   1.3 The Royal Forest Department Policy
The Royal Forest Department policy stated toward forest fire control in practical aspect as "to minimize damages caused by forest fire by using all means either prevention or suppression strategy."

  1.4 The Office of Prime Ministerís Order
The Office of Prime Ministerís Order dated March 25, 1998 appointed the National Forest Fire Management Committee and empowered the committee to :
- Formulate the coordination and command plan for executing units at province and district levels in order to obtain effective fire suppression operation.
- Mobilize all manpower as well as resources available for fighting fire.
- Seek cooperation from private sector as well as fire volunteer to support suppression operation.

  2 Legislation
  There is no specific forest fire control Act in Thailand. Although 4 of the existing forestry acts contain sections stating the penalty for setting forest fire, however prevention measures are not stated. Present fire control legislation is found within these following laws:
- Forest Act 1941, section 54
- Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act 1960, section 24
- National Park Act 1961, section 16(1)
- National Forest Act 1964, section 14

3 Sanctions
Violations of the above Acts by setting forest fire are liable to be fined and/or be imprisoned as follow :
- Violation of Forest Act 1941, section 54
not exceed 50,000 Bahts fine or 5 years imprisonment or both fine and imprisonment.
- Violation of National Forest Reserve Act 1964, section 14 5,000-50,000 Bahts fine and 6 months-5 years imprisonment
- Violation of National Park Act 1961, section 16(1)
not exceed 20,000 Bahts fine or not exceed 5 years imprisonment or both fine and imprisonment
- Violation of Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act 1960, section 24
not exceed 30,000 Bahts fine or not exceed 5 years imprisonment or both fine and imprisonment