Thai Protected Species*

Scientific Name1

Common Name

Cheirotonus parryi


Cladagnathus giraffa


Mouhotia batesi


Mormolyce phyllodes

Violin Beetle

Actias spp.

Luna Moth

Lyssa zampa

The Giant Uranid Moth

Bhutanitis spp.


Meandrusa gyas

The Brown Gorgon

Papilio palinurus

The Banded Peacock

Papilio protenor

The Spangle

Stichophthalma spp.

The Junglequeen

Teinopalpus spp.


Troides spp.

Birdwing butterflies

* currently these regultions are undergoing review and are likely to change in the near future.

1 spp. Indicates that ALL species in this genus are listed as protected.