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Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) here referred to as TFB (Botany) was first published in 1954 by the Royal Forest Department, and in 2002, publication of the journal was undertaken by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation. TFB (Botany) is a scientific journal publishing research papers in the various branches of plant taxonomy and systematics, with the authors often botanists involved in the Flora of Thailand; other relevant disciplines, such as ecology, plant geography, anatomy and ethnobotany are also accepted. The aim of TFB (Botany) is to advance our knowledge and understanding of both the theory and practice of plant science research in Thailand.

Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) continues to evolve and will become both a printed and electronic journal starting with volume 43 number 1, 2015. For more information, including new author guidelines and back issues, see the website Forest Bulletin.html.

We will have a new system for manuscript submission using Thai Journal Online (ThaiJO) available at the following site The new submission system will start from January 2016, and papers will go online after final proof and formatting for a TFB (Botany) part as soon as they are ready, thus speeding up publication and open access via websites such as Forest Bulletin.html and Full articles may be accessed from the Scopus website <> and the ACI website <>.

Each article will be identified by an article number and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) conforming to the requirements of the International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants (McNeill et al. 2012) for the valid and effective publication of names. In addition, papers published online will be distributed simultaneously in printed form to several libraries, and bound hard copy volumes will appear once a year in December.


McNeill, J., Barrie, F. R., Buck, W. R., Demoulin, V., Greuter, W., Hawksworth, D. L., Herendeen, P. S., Knapp, S., Marhold, K., Prado, J., Prud'homme Van Reine, W. F. Smith, G. F., Wiersema, J. H. & Turland, N. J. (2012). International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants (Melbourne Code). Regnum Veg. 154. Koeltz Scientific Books, Koenigstein.



Advisors: Chamlong Phengklai, Kongkanda Chayamarit

Editor: Rachun Pooma

Contribution Editor: Tim Utteridge

Managing Editor: Nannapat Pattharahirantricin

Assistant Managing Editor: Sawita Yooprasert

Editorial Board: David A. Simpson (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK), John A.N. Parnell (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland), David J. Middleton (Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore), Paul Wilkin (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK), Peter C. van Welzen (Naturalis Biodiversity Center, The Netherlands), Hans-Joachim Esser (Botanische Staatssammlung München, Germany), Tim Utteridge (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) and George Staples (Bishop Museum, USA)



Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) No. 43, December 2015

Table of Contents

Editorial notes



Maingaya malayana, a new genus and species record for Thailand

Voradol Chamchumroon, Manop Poopath, Jarearnsak Sse Wai

p.p. 1-3


Pollen morphology of Combretaceae from Thailand and its taxonomic significance
Puntiwa Krachai & Pimwadee Pornpongrungrueng            
p.p. 4–14


A new species of Petrocodon (Gesneriaceae) from Thailand
David J. Middleton, Sunisa Sangvirotjanapat & Waranuch La-ongsri      
p.p. 15–17


Three new species of Paraboea (Gesneriaceae) from Thailand
Pramote Triboun & David J. Middleton              
p.p. 18–23


A new species of the genus Peristylus (Orchidaceae) from southern Thailand
Hubert Kurzweil & Petch Tripetch  
p.p. 24-34


Elaeagnus elongatus Tagane & V.S.Dang (Elaeagnaceae), a new species from Cambodia and Thailand      
Shuichiro Tagane, Van Son Dang, Sukid Rueangruea, Somran Suddee, Phourin Chhang, Hironori Toyama & Tetsukazu Yahara
p.p. 30–35


Kunstleria forbesii Prain, new genus and species record (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae; Millettieae s.l.) for Thailand
Sawai Mattapha & Pranom Chantaranothai         
p.p. 36–38


Pholidota longibulba Holttum (Orchidaceae), a new record for Thailand   
Nopparut Toolmal, Somran Suddee & Sarawood Sungkaew       
p.p. 39–42


Prunus kaengkrachanensis (Rosaceae), a new species from Southwestern Thailand
Hidetoshi Nagamasu, Sukid Rueangruea, Somran Suddee & Shuichiro Tagane
p.p. 43–45


Revisiting taxonomic circumscriptions in Hydnocarpus Gaertn. and Ryparosa Blume for the Achariaceae of Thailand
Bruce L. Webber & Bob Harwood      
p.p. 46–50


A synopsis of Mussaenda L. (Rubiaceae) in Thailand
Pranom Chantaranothai
p.p. 51–65


A new species record of Hylophila (Orchidaceae) for Thailand
Pinpawan Rojchana-umpawan, Amonrat Chantanaorrapint & Sahut Chantanaorrapint
p.p. 66–69


Lasiobema flavum (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae), a new record for the Flora of Thailand
Ruth P. Clark
p.p. 70–73


Pleocnemia conjugata (Dryopteridaceae), a new record for Thailand
Ratsamee Simma, Sumon Masuthon & Stuart Lindsay
p.p. 74–78


Toona calcicola, a new species and Reinwardtiodendron humile, a new record to Thailand
Sukid Rueangruea, Shuichiro Tagane, Somran Suddee, Naiyana Tetsana, Manop Poopath, Hidetoshi Nagamasu & Akiyo Naiki.
p.p. 79–86


Wood anatomical survey and wood specific gravity of 13 species of Aglaia (Meliaceae) from Thailand
Sutthiratana Khaopakro, Srunya Vajrodaya, Somkid Siripatanadilok & Prasart Kermanee            
p.p. 87–103

A new variety of Cryptocoryne crispatula Engl. (Araceae) from Thailand
Niels Jacobsen, Jan D. Bastmeijer, Bhanubong Bongcheewin, Takashige Idei, Duangchai Sookchaloem & Marian Ørgaard
p.p. 104–110


A re-examination of the life and work of A.F.G. Kerr and of his colleagues and friends
J.A.N. Parnell, F. Pilla & the Thai Biogeography Group
p.p. 111–131



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